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Beginners Guide to Testosterone Boosters

by Admin WLV 27 Sep 2021

Testosterone boosters are supplements that are used by male weight lifters, body builders, athletes, wrestlers, and heavy endurance trainers to gain muscles and increase strength. They are unique because of the long list of possible ingredients that can be combined to boost testosterone. These ingredients vary among products, and the market offers testosterone boosters for many purposes such as muscle-building, improved sexual drive, more physical strength, and other great benefits.

A Brief History of Testosterone Boosters

Testosterone boosters have been around for thousands of years in different forms. In ancient Greece, it was first reported that there was a link between castrated men and a loss of erectile functions, sexual drive, and certain physical abilities. As a treatment, these men were given bulls' testicles as a testosterone booster! Herbal testosterone boosters have also been used for centuries to improve stamina and physical ability.

Steroids, once a popular muscle-building anecdote, are now illegal. But unfortunately, sales of these powerful drugs still go on in the black market. A popular trend today is to buy natural testosterone boosters in the form of a supplement. Many of the boosters are made of a variety of herbal ingredients that are combined to enhance and build muscles in a much safer way than steroids. And being "natural" means fewer possible side effects.

How Testosterone Boosters Affect the Body

Testosterone boosters can help maintain testosterone levels during continued training. During a workout, testosterone levels usually rise after about 30 minutes of resistance exercise. Competitive and heavy endurance training, however, can reduce testosterone levels as the body adapts to the changes in hormone levels. This reduction hinders performance after a while and slows the muscle-building process. So, maintaining peak testosterone levels is accomplished using testosterone boosters.

Three Classes of Testosterone Boosters

There are basically three main classes of testosterone boosters. The first class increases testosterone levels and includes the herbs eurycoma longifolia, ginseng, zinc, tribulus terrestris, and magnesium. The second class reduces estrogen levels and includes diindolyl methane (DIM) and saw palmetto. The third class helps maintain good prostate health and includes saw palmetto. There are also a number of other ingredients including vitamins, minerals, and thermogenic ingredients that indirectly affect testosterone levels.

How to Safely Use Testosterone Boosters

Testosterone boosters are usually available in capsule form and are taken several times per day. Each product may differ in recommended use based on the product's ingredients and dosage strength. Always take testosterone boosters in cycles and allow for a break every four to eight weeks. The recommended use on each product should offer instructions on how and when to take breaks.

Avoid taking testosterone boosters if you are a teenager or if you have been diagnosed with prostate enlargement. Check with your doctor to be on the safe side before taking a testosterone booster, especially if you are under the age of 25. Though many natural boosters cause few or no side effects, it's still a good idea to discuss this with your doctor before getting started.

With testosterone boosters, you can have lean rock hard muscles in no time - the safe way!

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