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Productivity Hack: Working on Your Concentration

by Manager WLV 03 Mar 2022

Concentration is not that easy to achieve. Especially with the many concerns that worry people today, the capacity to concentrate diminishes and is often altered by panic and anxiety. When this happens, building concentration is almost close to impossible.

So, how do you improve your concentration? This post provides practical advice on what you could do to ensure concentration improves and your productivity rate increases.

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ONE: Be Realistic with Your Daily Goals

With the many self-help books and personal assistance videos online, you may think that building concentration means achieving a lot in a day. While this may seem productive at first, it creates massive pressure on your brain.

No one can do everything in one day. So, while you may like to achieve a lot, it is not wise to put all goals in one day and expect yourself to cope with it. Be realistic. The more pressure your brain experiences, the harder it will be to focus on anything.

TWO: Reduce the Distractions around You

When you have a lot going on around you, chances are, there will be too much going on around in your head. So, where do you set your workspace? Is it cluttered?

From noise to other elements that your eyes can see, your concentration will be affected by everything surrounding you. If you feel the need to declutter, do so. If you need to adjust your workstation, it is best to keep everything in its proper place and give your mind the chance to ease off from all the distractions that may make it harder for you to concentrate.

THREE: Mind What You Eat

Often, the lack of vitamins and minerals in your body will significantly impact how your mind and body function. If you feel sickly or just plain weak, your mind may not be able to function at its best. It is harder to concentrate when your body feels down as well.

To see if the food you eat causes you to lose concentration, it may be best to examine your diet. This may take some research or even a visit to your physician or getting advice from your nutritionist. Whatever it takes, remember that everything is worth it, especially if it means improving how you function. Effective health supplements help your body absorb vitamins and minerals from what you eat and even supply you if you lack some.

There are natural supplements that may help boost your concentration and the whole pattern by which you function. In many ways, these natural supplements provide your body the chance to develop a better response to stress and worries and gradually offer your mind the space to ease out pressure and begin to concentrate better.

FOUR: Maybe You Need Time to Check Your Mental Health

As mentioned earlier, your concentration has a lot to do with how you think, what you are thinking, and what elements are affecting how you improve the way you process your thoughts.

Accordingly, this may mean you have to check on your mental health. How?

You may ask yourself some self-examination queries that will give you an idea of what might be causing some negative emotions to rise. Knowing who you are and accepting your limits is critical to improving how your mind functions. When doing so, understand that your limits are not necessarily weaknesses. You can work around these factors and find a way to improve the way you handle your concentration.

For instance, if you are currently suffering from physical conditions that may require you to extend the time of your rest or limit some of the things you used to do, it is best not to stress over these things. Instead, you may try to find a way to work around the situation and still enjoy your life without putting too much pressure on yourself because of the things you cannot accomplish anymore.

As you age, you might feel that your body and mind are not as strong as they were before. This is normal. It may also seem that concentration is a far-fetched idea. Nevertheless, try to lessen the tension in your mind by adjusting some factors in your lifestyle. You may find it more rewarding to accept some unchangeable situations now and create distinct possibilities that can still help you get the satisfaction you deserve out of life.


Listen to your body. Work on yourself first before trying to adjust everything else and say that you’re giving up. Concentration is not an easy pattern of thinking to build. But with time and practice, it can be done.

Give yourself some time and some space to breathe and adjust to situations that may present distinct changes in your lifestyle. Better concentration comes from better handling life’s most critical state of pressure without getting too overwhelmed with the changes that life brings.

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